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How To Choose A Game Lodge

by Stephanie Kuhn

Game lodges provide an exceptional experience to people who enjoy bush experiences and viewing wildlife. Choosing a game lodge can be quite confusing. It is especially so since there is a wide range of options to choose from. Below is an extract discussing how to select a game lodge. 


One of your concerns when choosing a game lodge is the available wildlife. Ideally, the lodge's location should allow you to enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna. Look out for rare or endangered plants or animals. If you are a conservation enthusiast, you should consider game lodges located inside wildlife conservation facilities. 


How will you get to the game lodge? Check maps of the location to ascertain the location of the lodge. Some facilities are located deep within national parks. Check the condition of access roads to the game lodge. You may need an SUV if the roads are in poor condition. In some cases, the game lodge could be accessible via chartered flights or a chopper. It is a convenient mode of transport compared to spending endless hours on the road. 

Accommodation Options

What accommodation options does the game lodge offer? For example, you could opt to camp out in the open if you are an outdoors enthusiast. However, remember to inquire about the safety of the camping grounds. Additionally, check a weather forecast to avoid rains and storms as you camp. Some game lodges will have cabins to accommodate people travelling with friends and family. In some cases, you will be allowed to cook food inside the cabin. 


Other than game watching, inquire about the availability of one or all of the following services: 

  • Some game lodges organise concerts and cultural festivals for their guests during the weekend. It is a sure way to experience local cultures.
  • Game lodges located close to water bodies could offer sports fishing or canoeing.
  • Check whether the game lodge organises hikes and walking safaris for guests.
  • Some game lodges will provide airport transfers and transport services to their guests. 


Assess the pricing of the game lodge. Typically, you should make an early booking to take advantage of low season discounts and to get a conveniently located cabin. Inquire about the facility's cancellation policy. In most cases, you will incur a penalty if you make a late cancellation. 

Remember to check the lodge's terms and conditions. For instance, some lodges will prohibit guests from feeding or killing wildlife. Loud parties could also be banned. 

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