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The Benefits Of Outdoor Team Building Activities

by Stephanie Kuhn

Outdoor team-building is one of the easiest ways to build a cohesive environment in your workplace. However, in a bid to cut running expenses, most businesses often shy away from these activities. Below is an article detailing the benefits of these events. 

There is often a disconnect between different departments at the workplace. For example, the marketing department could have a poor relationship with the finance department. Moreover, lower-ranked employees could dislike the top brass. This disconnect often affects the flow of information and leads to low morale at the workplace. As a result, it becomes difficult for the organisation to achieve its mission and make profits. 

Outdoor team-building events are an opportunity for employees to interact outside the workplace. Typically, the events are structured to make everyone equal. Besides, they compel the employees to interact with each other. As a result, they help break stereotypes and create new relationships. For example, a driver could realise that their boss is not as sulky as they seem. On the other hand, lower-ranked employees realise that their bosses are not the "supermen" they seem to be in the office. Conversely, an intern could realise that they have similar interests with the CEO. 

Most employees are usually under a tremendous amount of stress at the workplace. They have deadlines to beat and annual targets to meet. Besides, they are under a constant state of competition since they need to secure a promotion. Outdoor team-building activities are the perfect opportunity to relieve this stress and rejuvenate. This can significantly increase their productivity at work. Besides, a positive mood at the workplace can increase the creativity and focus of the employees. 

Team building activities have a particular objective. Typically, the professional team builder examines the organisation's operations to establish the problems faced by the employees. For example, it could be that they have poor communication, problem-solving, or creativity skills. With this in mind, the team builder structures activities to address the organisation's problems. For example, a puzzle game or treasure hunt could stimulate the employee's problem-solving skills. In contrast, a game of blind retriever, office trivia or perfect square will help employees improve their communication skills. Dinners, camping, community service and karaoke will help employees bond.  

The secret to a successful outdoor team-building event is ensuring your employees have a say in the venue and the activities they would want to participate in. Additionally, consider some background research on the professional conducting the team building events. Remember, poorly planned activities could cause more harm than good to the office culture. Finally, offer incentives to ensure everyone attends the event. It could be a small allowance or accommodation in a top tourist destination. 

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